Nizar Delbani Shares How to Create Partners, Not Enemies on The Climate Rebels Podcast

In this episode of the Climate Rebels Podcast, Nizar Delbani, Founder and Managing Partner, Doomsday Partners, shares his story of coming from an oil and gas family and his move to renewable energy. The conversation includes the importance of creating partners in the oil and gas industry to create a more sustainable future, the importance of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, the value of net zero buildings, Doomsday’s approach to combating climate change, and more.

Tracing the Genesis and Growth of Doomsday: Revolutionizing Real Estate with Clean Energy

Nizar Delbani, a visionary entrepreneur with a profound commitment to sustainability, embarked on a transformative journey around five to six years ago. Hailing from a family legacy entrenched in electronics and electrical systems, Delbani’s discerning eye recognized the transformative potential of private equity.

With a deep understanding of the impact business can have, particularly within the realm of electronic components and accessories, Delbani’s Middle Eastern heritage played a pivotal role in shaping his perspectives.

His time spent in Guangzhou, China, proved to be an enlightening chapter that would significantly influence his trajectory. Amidst the vibrant urban landscape, Delbani encountered an awe-inspiring sight: solar panels adorned countless rooftops and structures, forming an intricate web of clean energy generation. This spectacle, witnessed during the Canton Fair, ignited a realization. The stark disparity between China’s vibrant solar sector and its limited presence in the United States resonated deeply with Delbani.

Armed with a determination to catalyze change, Delbani laid the foundation for Doomsday, a company with an unwavering commitment to combating climate change. The mission was clear: harness innovation, investment, and the collective drive for a sustainable future. Guided by this imperative, Delbani meticulously assembled a team of experts and visionaries, each contributing their unique skill sets to amplify Doomsday’s impact.

Doomsday's pioneering journey into agrivoltaics commenced as a seed of innovation around four years ago. This concept, an intricate harmony between solar energy and agriculture, would blossom into a transformative movement. The inaugural project, executed approximately four years prior, marked the dawning of a novel approach to land usage. Through a meticulously orchestrated collaboration with farmers, Doomsday elevated solar panels above the ground, creating an ecosystem in which crops flourished beneath.

The synergy between energy generation and agriculture is one of Doomsday’s crowning achievements. By repurposing land traditionally reserved for solar farms, the company pioneers a strategy to optimize land use, ensuring no square inch goes to waste. This innovative approach is marked by its multifaceted nature; not only does it bolster energy production, but it also nurtures the growth of crops. Central to Doomsday’s agrivoltaic philosophy is the integration of beekeeping into its ecosystem. Recognizing the pivotal role bees play in both ecosystems and agriculture, Doomsday seamlessly incorporates beehives within its solar panel installations. This holistic approach fosters not only sustainable energy practices but also bolsters pollination and ecosystem health. With a legacy of over 15 successful agrivoltaic deployments, Doomsday stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable innovation. Each installation ripples through landscapes and communities, resonating with the promise of a future where agriculture and clean energy coexist harmoniously.
Aerial view of solar photo voltaic panels system on apartment building roof.
Solar farm, solar panels

At the helm of Doomsday, Nizar Delbani exemplifies the role of an activist and visionary, steadfastly addressing climate change's challenges with unwavering optimism.

The paradoxical name “Doomsday” itself reflects this spirit—a powerful moniker that captures attention while embodying the ethos of transformation and empowerment. While the name might evoke apocalyptic connotations, Delbani harnessed it as a catalyst for change. Doomsday is a symbol of hope—a symbol that transcends mere narrative to underscore the significance of collective action. The company’s relentless commitment to leveraging resources, capital, and innovation mirrors the determination of an activist confronting adversity head-on.

Doomsday is focusing on the biggest problems we have and making sure that we do our part. We continue to deploy, and we continue to push capital and resources and in everything that we need to improve our infrastructure.

Doomsday’s commitment to countering climate change serves as a beacon of hope. By addressing critical issues proactively, Doomsday challenges the prevailing narrative, inspiring listeners to participate in shaping a sustainable future. This ethos is encapsulated in Delbani’s own words: “We see the future, and I’m looking forward to how we can make that a reality.” The podcast episode itself is a testament to optimism, spotlighting Delbani’s transformative journey, his company’s achievements, and its audacious ambition to redefine the narrative surrounding climate change. Through this innovative approach, Doomsday proves that amidst challenges, opportunities to effect change abound.